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About Me
About Me
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Just a guy


I'm 22, live in downtown Richmond, VA.  I work for Dominion Power as an engineer.

I do a lot of outdoor activities including:
     Rock Climbing
     Mountain Biking
     Road Biking
     Whitewater Kayaking
I love the outdoors and wish that while at school I would have had more time to enjoy them.
I'm still playing rugby, currently for the Richmond Lions...

Back in the Day (1998)

And in the beginning...

Top picture was taken in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.
The bottom picture is of myself, Packer, and Ben, a longtime friend who was my partner in the Transamerica bicycle ride.

Previous and Upcoming Trips

Transcontinental self supported bicycle ride - 2002
Royal Military Sailing Exped - 2004
Appalachian Trail  SOBO - 2005
Kilimanjaro Summit - 2006

Favorite places to shop online:


Doing my thang on Claytor Lake in Virginia


For the ladies.